The Aztec towel

This is the thickest of our towels. It has a beautiful weave and pattern.
Great as a towel but also a beautiful throw or shawl.




Turkish towels ( also known as pestemals or hammam towels)  are traditionally used in hammams, forming part of the strong cultural tradition of the turkish bath. they are lightweight, absorbent and quick-drying and can be used in bathrooms, pools, spas and at the beach. they are also great for travel, picnics, the gym, pilates and yoga, scarves, sarongs, tablecloths, a throw for your couch or a wrap for your baby. turkey has a strong reputation for producing beautiful, high quality cotton, linen and bamboo - all our towels are made from these fabrics in turkey. Now for sale in Australia!
turkish towels are best washed at 30 degrees, in a normal cycle. tumble dry on low, or line dry. towels become softer and more absorbent the more you use them, and some need to be 'broken in" by washing and drying them in a dryer on medium heat a few times.