About Us

A Byzance Romance was born out of our love affair with Turkey. And shopping. We have travelled to that wonderfully intriguing country a number of times and have always been taken with its story - its history, culture, people and the beautiful things made there. There are only so many things you can justifiably buy yourself (or so we're told), so we thought we would buy them and bring them to you.

We love choosing products that we think are beautiful and functional, things that add colour and happiness to your wardrobe and your home. We also love the stories and the inspiration behind them. And its not just Turkey. As our name suggests, we love all things Byzantine. Our products might have influences from neighbouring countries or come from the old Silk Route countries like Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. 

Apart from our online shop, you can also find our products in shops around Sydney and Canberra and at the markets in the ACT, Southern Highlands and Sydney. Please see our 'where to find us' page for more information. 


A Byzance Romance